TestBash is a community-driven conference, so it's only right that the community gets to contribute to each programme. We currently do this by opening up the abstracts for each TestBash to community review. The abstracts are anonymised and sent in batches of thirty to willing members of the community interested in providing some feedback. We then use this data alongside many other factors to help us create the final programme. The insight provided by the reviewers is invaluable to Ministry of Testing, we really appreciate the support.

Why Help Review

There is a lot to gain by reviewing abstracts:

  • It supports Ministry of Testing
  • You get an insight into the topics people are submitting
    • This could inspire you to create your own abstract(s), or write something
    • It could introduce you to some new ideas which you can do further research on
  • You get an insight into the way people write abstracts
    • Some abstracts are really good and you can take formatting ideas from them
    • Some abstracts don't read well at all, you can spot those patterns and avoid them
  • We provide abstract feedback to all that ask, your reviews help us do that

How Does it Work

You'll be sent a Google Sheet with multiple tabs each containing thirty anonymous abstracts. You then read as many of them as you have time grading each. The system we use for grading is:

  • Green - I need to hear this talk!

  • Orange - Has potential, but I’m not completely sold.

  • Red - No, I’m not interested in this.

Then if you wish to do so, you can also leave a comment on your abstract. This could be why you really want to hear it, or how the abstract could be improved. All this information is valuable to the TestBash team. 

How Do I Get Involved

We usually ask on Slack in the channel of the TestBash in question, or we'll tweet stating that we are looking for reviewers. If you don't use either of those mediums you can send an email to the TestBash team to show your interest, then when the next review comes around we'll email you to see if you have time to contribute.