Press Kit

Ministry of Testing Logos

The Ministry of Testing logos below are 1000x1000px PNGs with a transparent background. Print them, post them, share them – spread the MoT word!

Ministry of Testing Logo Ministry of Testing logo white


TestBash Logos

The TestBash logos below are PNGs with transparent backgrounds. Print them, post them, share them – spread the TestBash word!

TestBash Brighton logo TestBash Netherlands logo  TestBash Germany logoTestBash Manchester logo

TestBash Australia logo TestBash San Francisco logo


Software Testing Clinic Logo

The Software Testing logo below is a PNG with a transparent background. Print it, post it, share it – spread the Software Testing Clinic word!

Software Testing Clinic logo

Software Testing Clinic Badges

Do you want to show your support for the Software Testing Clinic? Are you a mentor or a student attending one of our awesome clinics? Then why not tell the world by adding these neat little badges to your social media profiles and blogs! The badges are PNGs.

Software Testing Clinic Mentor Badge Software Testing Clinic student badge