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  • Some may call it democratic. I currently prefer the term ‘meaningful’.  I will probably come up with a better name and description over the coming months, or years. What I’m talking about is creating a workplace with...
  • 18th September 2015
    TestBashNY Hotel Tips
    So we’ve been hunting down deals for hotels for  TestBashNY  and thought that getting a group deal would end up being more cost effective. Apparently, it’s not and it’s cheaper to just book direct! For quick reference...
  • We’re always working hard to bring you new things on  The Dojo ! In addition to the upcoming 3 events we have, yes, that’s 3 ( TinyTestBash . TestBashNY . And  TestBash  ), we have some new things we are producing over at...
  • This year has been a very busy one for us!  We’ve kick started a number of things, one of them being The Ministry of Testing Podcast. You can find it hosted over at  The Dojo  or on  iTunes . We’re taking a well earned...
  • 9th December 2015
    Giving the Gift of TestBash
    A couple of years ago we gave away a  scholarship to someone special . Last year we gave the option for people to fund a ticket for someone else. The act of giving and paying forward remains huge in my heart and...
  • 21st December 2015
    Performance Testing 101
    It has been quite a year for us.  One where we’ve been laying some nice foundations for the future to come. One of them has been The Dojo and the increasingly growing catalogue of  software testing content . As with...
  • 1st January 2016
    The TinyTestBash That Was
    Good times were had at our TinyTestBash software testing conference! I’m not really quite sure how the time has passed.  It’s now been 2 months since TinyTestBash happened!  I have had time to reflect after a hectic and...
  • 5th January 2016
    I Need Your Help
    I have this amazing thing in my hands and I need your help taking it forward. I’ve struggled the last year.  I had too much on my plate.  I tried to take some of it off, but it didn’t pan out.  So I’m now working on a new...
  • 7th January 2016
    Perhaps The Best Bug Ever?
    Unicorns and Ukuleles Now Have Something In Common. I came across this  on my Facebook timeline. What a wonderful bug find it is!  I am not sure what is the best thing about it!  The randomness of it. The fact that...
  • 13th January 2016
    Now Is The TestBash Time!
    Right! You.  Read this now. I’m going to tell you as it is!  TestBash is the place to be!  Get booking your tickets!  Stop faffing about.  2016 is not the year for excuses.  If it were my boys speaking, they would call...
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    TestBash San Francisco 2019

    Get your tickets now to be part of TestBash San Francisco 2019! The lineup is awesome, the venue has views for days, and the community vibe is unmatched! See you there?

    TestBash Germany 2019

    TestBash Germany is back, this time with Workshops!

    TestBash Manchester 2019

    Whoa! Hold the door, TestBash Manchester is back? That's right, the TestBash of North is back and this year is going to be amazing! Take a look at that lineup and book tickets now.