Posted: 20th June 2018

QA Analyst

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New York, NY. United States

We work quickly to build awesome experiences and have a focus on our craft, but sometimes things slip through the cracks that are harder to find… that's where you come in.

You will be the discerning eye that takes pride in hunting down those harder-to-find issues, whether it’s vertically misaligned text in a button, or that event maps don’t load if you have over 1,000 tickets in your account. You’ll be responsible for coordinating testing efforts, writing test cases and plans, and constantly checking up on critical production functionality for SeatGeek Enterprise. The work you do will have a direct impact on the fan bases and employees of some of the largest sporting franchises in the world.

What You'll Do

  • Work with product managers and technical leads to understand the changes being made and outline what should be tested
  • Build a repository of comprehensive test plans for each section of the website and client tooling
  • Regularly run regression tests to make sure we didn’t break something unexpectedly