Posted: 2nd July 2018

Software & Product Test Engineers

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DisplayLink (UK) Ltd 

Cambridge, CAMBRIDGE. United Kingdom

Is software testing what you do? Is it what you love, and frankly you couldn’t see yourself doing anything else?

It’s not all about software of course, as a DisplayLink tester you will be exposed to the subtleties of testing our hardware and associated firmware that all go into our innovative consumer electronics products. It’s not going to be easy but it is going to fun!

You would bring an extra dimension to the team and while testing is a shared activity you will be the one driving testing forward - delivering quality features and product where your testing isn’t an afterthought, it’s something we believe in passionately. Our testers are there from the very beginning of a project.

We support the wider testing community by hosting workshops, coffee mornings, and can often be found engaging with other testers at various conferences.

Interested? Let’s see what it means to be a DisplayLink tester:

  • you’ll need a sound understanding of testing strategy, planning, test case design, and bug reporting, while appreciating that context really matters.
  • you will be aware of the continuing developments within the testing domain and enjoy mining all sources of information necessary to understand the issues at hand.
  • you realise that quality is value to some person (you might even know who coined the phrase).
  • you’ll understand what exploratory testing is, that it’s not simply ‘ad hoc’ testing.
  • have experience of automation / scripting and know when to and when not to automate.
  • experience in areas such as setting up PCs, PC peripherals and networks, using Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac and any experience of performing Device Driver, Hardware, Firmware, Software, Video, Installer, GUI or Desktop testing.