Posted: 30th January 2019

QA Analyst

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Bending Spoons 

Milano, Lombardia. Italy

We care that our tens of millions of users find our apps to be of the highest quality and receive appropriate support. Ensuring this is of paramount importance both to our professional integrity and to our business, as happy users are more likely to become paying customers. You’ll be responsible to help fulfil this aspiration by performing world-class Quality Assurance.

A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Manually test all the functionalities of our many apps to check that they work as intended on all devices and under all circumstances, and spot the most subtle of bugs.
  • Verify the compliance of our apps with the latest Apple guidelines.
  • Read and reply to user reviews and support requests to identify recurring problems and help users have the best experience with our products.
  • Work closely with our software engineers to make sure all important issues are resolved.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach to testing and customer support.

Commitment & Contract
Full-time, permanent (tempo indeterminato).

Milan, Corso Como 15. It’s fine if you prefer to work remotely sometimes. We offer substantial support for relocation, including finding an apartment in Milan and paying the rent for twelve weeks.

Compensation & Benefits
Generous, top of market, and moreover can grow very rapidly and include stock options, depending on your performance. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are paid-for, when you work from the office. You’ll receive the latest Mac, iPhone, and wireless noise-cancelling Bose headset.

What We Offer
  • Make a difference. Every time you help spot and solve a bug it truly matters: with millions of engaged users every delta in quality can make a big difference in terms of their satisfaction and our revenue.
  • Unique work environment. We think we’re one of the most exciting fast-growing companies in Europe, and you’ll be able to experience firsthand what it’s like to be one of us.
  • Diverse portfolio. With over 20 apps to care for, be ready to try out different strategies and test all kinds of features to ensure every product is bug-free.
  • International reach. We sell all over the world, and most of our users are American. Our company language is English. We’re a global reality.
  • Flexibility and trust. You’ll be one of the team and fully trusted. No micromanagement or checking on your working hours. Just focus on doing a great job.
  • Learn and grow. We’ll coach you into becoming a first-class software QA specialist, and your responsibilities and compensation will grow with your competence and leadership.
  • Young colleagues. We’re 28 years old on average, so you won’t feel like the odd one out, and you might actually end up making new friends.

What We Look For
  • Passion for the topic
  • Reliability and diligence
  • Resilience
  • Smart precision
  • Conversational English
  • IT savviness. 
  • Humility
  • Ability to relate with others.
  • Reasoning