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This page is dedicated to YouTube videos related to software testing. Please contact us to submit a software testing video. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    Mejora continua para alcanzar tus objetivos
    Posted: August 22nd 2019 00:16 | Author: Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
    Keynote: Intentional Approaches to Human-Computer Collaboration
    Posted: August 21st 2019 22:07 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Offline-first data: Getting Bigger by Kevin Doran | JSConf EU 2019
    Posted: August 21st 2019 14:10 | Author: JSConf
    Algorithmic Improvisation for Dependable and Secure Autonomy
    Posted: August 21st 2019 00:33 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Productivity in Software Development
    Posted: August 20th 2019 22:43 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Future of Spreadsheeting
    Posted: August 20th 2019 21:34 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Workforce of the Future
    Posted: August 20th 2019 20:10 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Exploring the Automation in Testing Three Day Course
    Posted: August 20th 2019 11:23 | Author: Automation in Testing
    Including Security in your Test Automation
    Posted: August 20th 2019 10:58 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Data Science and the art of "Formulation" by Dr. Shailesh Kumar #ODSC_India
    Posted: August 20th 2019 02:15 | Author: ConfEngine
    From automatic differentiation to message passing
    Posted: August 20th 2019 00:07 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Performance Testing Your Communication
    Posted: August 19th 2019 18:50 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Transferable Skills to Pay the Bills
    Posted: August 19th 2019 16:25 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Working Hard or Hardly Working
    Posted: August 19th 2019 16:25 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Web Application Hacking 101
    Posted: August 19th 2019 16:24 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    ISTQuizB Millionish Pound Drop - Atelier Gameshows
    Posted: August 19th 2019 09:59 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Data and Devops at NHS Digital Jabeen Naikwadi
    Posted: August 19th 2019 08:32 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    Imposter Syndrome as a Tester
    Posted: August 19th 2019 08:31 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    How to Fail Really Well
    Posted: August 19th 2019 08:31 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier
    TestProject a Community Testing Platform with Mark Kardashov
    Posted: August 18th 2019 14:21 | Author: Joe Colantonio
    A Lightning Talk on Lightning Talks - Sophie Weston
    Posted: August 17th 2019 09:28 | Author: Leeds Testing Atelier