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This page is dedicated to spanish related software testing blog posts. Please contact us to submit a software testing spanish blog. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    Mira lo que encontré ep. 5 (edición Apple)
    Posted: August 23rd 2019 13:04 | Author: garyst1981
    Ser Tester freelance en UY
    Posted: August 23rd 2019 01:22 | Author: Giulliana Scuoteguazza
    El futuro de QAJungle
    Posted: August 22nd 2019 07:40 | Author: Aritz Aguila Diaz
    Mira lo que encontré ep. 4 (edición Experian)
    Posted: August 21st 2019 13:00 | Author: garyst1981
    Mejora continua para alcanzar tus objetivos
    Posted: August 21st 2019 11:48 | Author: Nadia Cavalleri
    Los 8 desperdicios de Scrum
    Posted: August 20th 2019 02:14 | Author: Federico
    Entrevista a Isaac Malamud, CEO de MQS
    Posted: August 19th 2019 22:49 | Author: Nadia Cavalleri
    Mira lo que encontré ep. 3 (edición Firefox)
    Posted: August 19th 2019 13:00 | Author: garyst1981
    6 mejoras que incorporamos a Argentesting este año
    Posted: August 14th 2019 13:43 | Author: Nadia Cavalleri