99 Second Talks From TestBash


From our first TestBash Brighton held in 2013, 99 second talks have been an integral and valuable part of every TestBash software testing conference. The 99 second talks are what they say on the tin; every person at TestBash, whether they're an attendee, speaker or otherwise, are invited onto the TestBash stage to share their thoughts, passions and inspirations about testing, TestBash or anything else in 99 seconds or less.

For those who take part, the 99 second talks are fun, fast and maybe even a little bit frightening if they’ve never spoken in public before. But that is the joy of the 99 second talks, they're only 99 seconds long!

For us listening, we are lucky enough to hear gorgeous stories about growing local testing communities, what learnings folks will take back to the workplace, how the MoT community of practice has changed lives, how to talk about testing, learning to have a better work-life balance, the benefits of yoga... the list of topics is endless!

This series contains every 99 second talk that has ever been given at TestBash; they are glorious to watch!! You will see community members grow into awesome testing superstars year by year and you even get to see some of the greatest speakers on the circuit wet their feet on the TestBash stage for the first time! Why not jump into this series and see who you can spot?